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About Salt Slabs

As the name suggests, Himalayan salt blocks are slabs of Himalayan pink salt that have been carved specifically for use in cooking. They come in a range of sizes and serve as a unique way to cook, cure, chill and present food.

Many regard Himalayan pink salt as the King of Salts. It is an unrefined, unprocessed raw mineral mined from caves formed 250 million years ago in the Himalayan mountain range. The salt from these mines has experienced tremendous pressure over the years, and for this reason is exceptionally pure.

Cooking Instructions

The Slab of Himalayan salt is the perfect way to season your food while you cook. Moisture in the food encourages the top layer of salt on the slab to evaporate thereby gently seasoning the food, while also imparting trace minerals from the ancient slab. You can use a salt slab to cook your food by either heating it in the oven or on the BBQ. It can also be used to cure fish such as trout and used to present your food elegantly. Cooking with a salt slab does not require any butter or oil, because nothing sticks to the salt, so it’s great if you’re wanting to cut out cooking fats.


Smart Tip: Simply, preheat on your grill and cook your food right on top for moist, flavourful results. You can also chill the block to use as a serving dish for cold appetisers.


Dry Ageing Instructions

Using one of these salt blocks in your ageing device (cool room, fridge etc.) will help to speed up and aid in the dry ageing of your beef. Place the block into a tray so you can collect the water. Within an hour you will see that the salt block has already started to pull the moisture out of the air making the immediate environment in your fridge even drier than before. This will speed up the drying of your meats. After a couple of days, you will get a puddle of water around the salt block, simply pour it off and put the block back into your device. The natural anti-bacterial nature of salt will also help to impede any bacteria in your environment.


After-care of your Emba Salt Slab



  • Once used, cool completely to room temperature before storing/cleaning your salt slab.
  • For best results and maintenance, we recommend a quick scrub with a steel wool (without soap or cleaner) before and after a thorough rinse.
  • Do not use soap, place in dishwasher, and do not submerge completely in water. Himalayan salt does not require the use of any cleanser as it is naturally antimicrobial.
  • Dry the slab with a tea towel and then leave it to air dry completely before storing.
  • Avoid over-exposure to water or humidity while storing your slab. Store in a location with low humidity and with airtight packaging (e.g., plastic wrap).
  • Do not store on metal, copper, or bronze surfaces.


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