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You have probably seen Himalayan Salt Lamps at a local store or in someone’s home, they are gorgeous rock-like structures, usually pink or orange or color. They are usually seated on a wooden base to keep them stable. Some people prefer a natural look, the salt chunk as if it were just excavated from a salt mine and sometimes the lamps are crafted into sleek pyramid, flower or monument shapes for a more modern look.

You may have thought that these striking Himalayan Salt lamps were just a cool home accessory, something with a pretty glow to add to the decor but you would be incorrect in this assumption. The people that own this type of salt lamp, for the most part, are using them in their homes and offices for their perceived health benefits as well as for their decorative allure.

Devotees of the Himalayan Salt Lamp not only enjoy the soft glow, they also may benefit from a natural source of clean, fresh air. How does this happen you may reasonably ask.
Himalayan Salt Lamps are thought to purify the air through what is known as hygroscopy. SImply put, hygroscopy attracts water molecules from the environment and then absorbs these molecules, as well as any possible foreign particle they may be carrying, into the salt crystal. It is thought that salt lamps warm up from the heat produced by the bulb inside and that same water evaporates back into the air and all the trapped particles of pollen, dust, smoke, and more remain locked in the salt. Pretty cool, huh?

And since these lovely lamps could possibly remove microscopic particles of pet dander, mold, dust, mildew, etc., from the surrounding air, then placing a lamp where you spend the most time could cut back immensely on symptoms from allergies whether from pet dander, pollen or mold. Asthma sufferers have been known to enjoy the perceived benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps. After a week or two, you could notice a big difference in your air quality.
So the benefits are possibly twofold, salt lamps may remove impurities from the air and they may also help your body’s filtering process so that any unhealthy particles you do happen to breathe in won’t make it to your lungs.
Himalayan Salt Lamps may also offer help for those that suffer from stress, chronic fatigue, and poor immune systems. Many users have experienced relief from these and similar issues when placing a salt lamp next to a computer, television or other electronic devices to reduce the potential danger from those devices. Salt lamps are believed to emit negative ions into the air that neutralize electromagnetic radiation.

In addition to their possible health benefits, Himalayan Salt Lamps are lovely to look at and they could be great way to naturally boost your immune system and help you to relax and unwind after a busy day. They may also help improve concentration due to the negative ions emitted that help improve the blood and oxygen flow to the brain and other organs.

Now that you have decided that the potential health benefits are too good to ignore and you want to purchase a Himalayan Salt Lamp, be sure to look at the size of the lamp. Have a rough estimate of the area you want your salt lamp to affect as coverage is determined by the size of the lamp. On average, you can calculate a 1 lb Himalayan Salt Lamp will cleanse the air in about a 4’ x 4’ area.

Now you just have to decide where to place your gorgeous new find, plug it in, and turn it on to begin enjoying the possible health benefits in your home or at the office.

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